How many Times?   (video with Joanna Fuhrman)

Collaboration with poet Joanna Fuhrman:

In our mixed-media literary project Dear Air,  Egyptian gods, stripped of their context and role, wander various New York City neighborhoods trying to figure out where they belong, how to make sense of what they have lost, and how to get along with one another.

In the first step of our project, I construct three-dimensional, small-scale figurines out of paper, modeled on Egyptian gods. I then paint them with abstract, graphic details. We then take the little gods out into different neighborhoods and take hundreds of photographs of them. We select eight to ten images, which become the basis for a series of poems written by Joanna Fuhrman.

We have created picture/poem serial combinations in Lower Manhattan, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Chinatown, the Reversible Destiny Studio, Red Hook and Gowanus.