Earth After Earth 

from Lunar Chandelier Press, 2012, 60 pp
with 25 illustrations

available from  SPD  @ 15 dollars

Toni Simon’s Earth After Earth, like classic apocalyptic writing, not only offers oblique prophecies of what’s to come, but captures the present, through the perspective of its alchemical, twilight language and dreamlike art.  This verbal/visual text portrays a midnight world full of psychic threat yet how beautiful its demons and angels, its “forest people”, “clairvoyant asteroids” and other denizens appear as they glow fiercely within its Dantesque, black lit landscapes. The end may be nigh, but it’s sublime
--Jerome Sala

In her little book Earth After Earth Toni Simon has created a universe that quietly reveals itself, as when in the solitude of dreaming we fracture emotions into condensed images and wake to interpret them, only to find that they've already changed shape. Each sentence is a revelation, as when in the mind of reading we imagine sentences forming that take us to another place. When mind, time, and eyes converge at a point of knowing then you can be sure that "even in the dark we know ourselves to be inhabited."
--Kristin Prevallet

Earth After Earth is an enigmatic prose poetry text which resonates with classic sci-fi futurism and oddness, yet when attended to closely, provokes and informs us by imagining the alternative realities of an altered present. Earth After Earth proposes that the other place and time is poetry--explored to the imaginal limits. Earth After Earth is illustrated with Toni Simon’s quixotic black and white drawings which figure as portholes to a dream.
—Kim Lyons

Surreal new-sentence prescient-sci-fi psychedelia
--Nada Gordon (Third Factory/Notes to Poetry 2012)

Contradicta: Aphorisms
by Nick Piombino
Green Integer, 2010, 167pp
With over 80 illustrations by Toni Simon
available from SPD  @ $12.95