FOLDING POEMS 2011- 2017

3 views: front, back and folded

Secret Alias

7 15/16” X 7 15/16”
Folded dimensions:
4 7/8” X  4 7/8”

The idea for these folding poems originally appeared to me in a dream. I visualized poetry and painting in a template that would be foldable in multiple directions, allowing the reader to rearrange the words and images in acrobatic combinations. The language becomes more abstract as the poems are folded and new meanings emerge from the unintentional synchronicities of different word configurations.
The writing itself was channeled through a trance state, a practice I started in the 1980s. The words are hand-lettered and juxtaposed with abstract patterns painted in gouache on paper.

My performance of a folding poem "Elongated Muffled Afternoon" can be viewed on Vimeo:

 Toy Mirage


Wakeup Call