#3 Despair

#4 Social Distance

#8 Isolation

#9 Too Close

#11 Freefall

#13 Uprising

 #18 False Hope

#19 Viral Blues

#20 Antibodies

#25 Half Life

#28 Insurrection

#29 Vaccinated 

Biodiversity Series


Motherboard Series
Gouache on paper

Reproducing Motherboard

Elephant Motherboard

Mating Motherboard

Ethereal Motherboard

Polarized Motherboard
Ghostly Motherboard

Germinating Motherboard

Necromancy Motherboard
Haywire Motherboard

Full Moon Motherboard

Estuary Motherboard


Motherboard Series
gouache on paper 
14"X 11"

Pegasus Motherboard



Mayan Motherboard

Butterfly Motherboard

Red Mountain Motherboard

River Motherboard

Pompeii Motherboard

Spider Motherboard

Dancing Motherboard

Hieroglyphic Motherboard

Roadway Motherboard

Watchful Motherboard

Flowering Motherboard

Green Motherboard

Waterfall Motherboard

Planet Motherboard

Nile Motherboard

Ocean Palace Motherboard

Gothic Motherboard

Subway Motherboard

Serpent Motherboard

Balancing Motherboard

Self-portrait Motherboard

Motherboard Garden

Gotham Motherboard

Digital Narcissism

Calligraphic Motherboard

Spring Motherboard

India Motherboard

Motherboard Series 

In my paintings I have always been inspired by the beauty of machinery's mysterious complexity, and by the pataphysical and fantastical machines of early modernism. Now, in the digital age, I am enchanted by the implicit abstract beauty of circuit boards and by the variety of interrelated shapes and patterns all adapted to fit the rectangular background of the board. I am fascinated by the connectors, like bridges, that carry information between the components. Each geometric shape represents an electronic function, yet, except for their designers, few other individuals understand those functions.

My imaginary motherboards are hybrids that incorporate fragments of elements from circuits and motherboards. These elements are combined with art from the past, thus linking past and present, and pointing to the future.

Metaphorical machines might encompass imaginary processes that can enable us to communicate with the ancient Mayans, Egyptians, and Romans, or with the afterlife, in the hidden realms that ordinarily elude our conscious awareness.